Roger D. Smith
  • President, Modelbenders
  • CTO, AdventHealth Nicholson Center
  • Graduate Faculty, University of Central Florida & College of Medicine
  • Professor, Adventist University of Health Sciences

Pursuing new techniques and technologies in the education and training of medical professionals, especially leveraging robotics and simulation for surgical training.

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Professional Experience:
2010 to Present, Chief Technology Officer, AdventHealth Nicholson Center.
2006 to 2010, Chief Technology Officer, US Army Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation.
2004 to 2006, Chief Engineer, SPARTA Inc.
2000 to 2004, Vice President and Group CTO, Titan Corp.
1998 to Present, President, Modelbenders LLC.
1998 to 2000, Vice President of Technology, BTG Inc.
1991 to 1998, Technical Director, Mystech Associates, Inc.
1988 to 1991, Senior Engineer, General Dynamics, Combined Arms Systems Engineering Center.
1986 to 1988, Operations Analyst, General Dynamics, Operations Research Department.

Academic Experience:
2015 to Present, Adjunct Professor and MIGS Fellowship Director, Columbia University Medical Center, New York.
2013 to Present, Professor of Medical Education, University of Central Florida College of Medicine.
2009 to Present, Graduate Faculty Scholar, Modeling and Simulation Program, University of Central Florida.
2011 to 2012, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Adventist University of Health Sciences.
2002 to 2003, Adjunct Professor, Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida.
1996 to 1998, Adjunct Professor, Operations Research, Florida Institute of Technology.
1998 to 2001, Lecturer, Modeling and Simulation, Georgia Tech Research Institute.
1999 to 2000, Instructor, Computer Game Development, Full Sail University.

1983 to 1985, Instructor, Mathematics, Texas Tech University.
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Doctorate in Management, University of Maryland, 2008.
MS in Technology Management, University of Maryland, 2003.
MBA, University of Maryland, 2002.
PhD in Computer Science, Century University, 1994.
MS in Statistics, Texas Tech University, 1985.
BS in Applied Mathematics, Colorado State University, 1982.
Project Management Professional, Project Management Institute, 2004.
Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional, NTSA Certification Commission, 2002.
Certified Manager, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, 1989.
Extended Studies, Radar Systems Analysis, 1987-1988.
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Books Published:
Thinking About Innovation.
Chief Technology Officer: Defining the Responsibilities of the Senior Technical Executive.
Innovation for Innovators: Theory, Practice, and Leadership for a Changing World.
Game Technology in Medical Education: An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of New Tools.
Military Simulation and Serious Games: Where we came from and where we are going.
Patterns of Strength: New Habits of Personality, Intelligence, and Relationships
Advice written on the back of a business card.
Fortune Cookies: Small secrets on making a fortune.
Texts 2 Teens: Sending the advice that they desperately need.
Simulation Interoperability: Challenges in Linking, Live, Virtual, and Constructive Systems.
In the Footsteps of Franklin.

Professional Activity:
Surgical Fellowship Director, Columbia University Medical Center.
Board of Directors, National Center for Simulation.
Scholarship Donation, UCF Simulation First Scholarship.

Research Grant Donation, Georgia Tech Modeling and Simulation research and Education Center.
External Advisory Board, Sandia National Laboratories, Grand Challenge on Border Security.
Industrial Advisory Board, University of Florida, Computer and Information Science Department.
Industrial Advisory Board, University of Central Florida, Management Information Systems Department.
Editorial Board, IRI Research Technology Management.
Editorial Board, ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation.
Editorial Board, Simulation News Europe.
Lecturer, Georgia Tech Course on Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming of Warfare.
Lecturer, Game Developer's Conference.

2008-2009, President, AFCEA Central Florida Chapter.
1997-1999, Chairman, ACM Special Interest Group for Simulation.
1995-1997, Vice-Chairman, ACM Special Interest Group for Simulation.
1994-1997, General Chair, SCS/InfORMS Electronic Conference on Training Simulation Series.
1997, Program Chair, SCS International Conference on Web Based Modeling and Simulation.
1991 to Present, Numerous Professional Conference Program Committees

Awards Received:
2014 Des Cummings Innovation Award, Florida Hospital
2013 Top Leader in Technology and Innovation Management, International Association of Management of Technology
2012 Schwartz Innovation Award, Orlando Economic Development Commission
2009 ACM SIGSIM Distinguished Contribution Award.
2009 AFCEA Meritorious Service Award.
2007 AFCEA Distinguished Service to Education Award.
2002 STRICOM Team Achievement Recognition (STAR Award) for the IEWTPT Project.
2002 SIWsie Best Paper Award, Spring 2002 Simulation Interoperability Workshop.
2002 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, University of Maryland (Top 10% of students).
2002 Orlando Business Journal Up and Comer Award.
2001 Baird Award, Best Article, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.
2001 Distinguished Lectureship, Association for Computing Machinery SIGSIM.
2000 Customer Service Award, BTG Inc.
1999 Service Award, Association for Computing Machinery.
1997 Service Award, Association for Computing Machinery.
1992 Outstanding Contribution Award, Society for Computer Simulation
1987 General Manager's Letter of Commendation, General Dynamics Corporation.

Award Nominations:
2005 Presidential Management Fellow, U.S. Executive Branch.
2002 SIWsie Best Paper Award, Fall 2002 Simulation Interoperability Workshop.
1999 Modeling and Simulation Award, Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
1996 Discover Award for Technological Innovation, Discover Magazine.
1996 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Rolex Corporation S.A.
1993 Baird Award, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.
1991 Lanchester Prize, Operations Research Society of America

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