Introduction to Unique Domains of Modeling and Simulation.

Mastering Simulation is the best introductory course on the breadth of modeling and simulation. It provides an overview of each of the major categories of simulation applications that have evolved over the last 300 years.

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  • Welcome to the course and overview of content.
  • Introduction to the terms, systems, and tools of simulation.
  • Live Rehearsal. From Gladiators to military training ranges to business role-playing.
  • Virtual Reality. Immersive, interactive, 3D virtual worlds and the hardware that generates them.
  • Wargames. Decision-making, Leadership Development, and Business Prediction. From its origins as board games in the 17th Century to the newest computer wargames in the 21st Century.
  • Interoperability. Techniques for networking distributed simulations using network protocols, service-based infrastructures, modeling frameworks, and standard virtual environments.
  • Systems Analysis. Operations Research, Game Theory, Monte Carlo Techniques, QJM, and other scientific approaches to decision-making.
  • Discrete Event Simulation. Event Scheduling, Process Interaction, Random Numbers, Simulation Programming Languages, Parallel Simulation.
  • Entertainment. Scientific and Military modeling applied to computer games, video arcades, theme parks, and hobby games.
  • Conclusion, Summary, and References.
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