Stimulating, Engaging, Thought Provoking, & Inspirational Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Roger Smith will hold your audience transfixed with real stories of innovation, leadership, and character that have built the modern and ancient worlds that we live in. His message will stimulate original thought and motive your audiences to take action in their professional and personal lives.

Topic Ideas

  • Innovation for Innovators
  • The Rainbow Zebra (on innovation)
  • Leadership in Technology
  • Patterns of Personal Strength
  • America's First Entrepreneur
  • Becoming the Millionaire Employee
  • Corporate and Senior Fitness
  • Advice Written on the Back of a Business Card
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Dr R. Smith


Dr. Roger Smith has been an international speaker and prolific author for 15 years. His experience and insight in business, healthcare, education, and government are captured in 20 to 60 minute keynote presentations and the many books he has published on professional and personal development.

His customized messages are challenging, thought provoking, engaging, and relevant to all audiences. He speaks with energy and a personal connection to audiences at all levels. Ten years as a professional and academic educator have taught him to embrace the audience and bring everyone with him from one story to the next while making a point that is relevant to their lives.

He holds a Doctorate in Computer Science, a Doctorate in Business Administration, an MBA, a Master’s in Statistics, and a Bachelor's in Mathematics. This mixture of expertise in leadership and technology allows him to connect with audiences at all levels.

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